Friday, August 16, 2013

Harmonious universe - my first experience with Salvia

On Friday evening, I was tired, because all week worked. I decided to rest and prepare for the experiment and while Victoria looked wearily at the bottom of the MacBook, I decided to finally make his first acquaintance with the wise seer. As far as I later realized - this is the power plants, which have to be handled very carefully and with great respect.

I went into the office and put to music Mylene Farmer "California". The picture on the big TV screen as well as possible in harmony with the sounds. Smoking in the dark while I've never practiced, so leave a lamp on. Then I lit a candle in the bedroom and returned to the office. Beating up leaves of Salvia, I noticed that they had some kind of unusual structure, and following the advice of one of my friends, inhaled as deeply as possible and held the smoke in the lungs for as long as I could.

When I exhaled, I felt like something had changed, at first glance seemed to feel similar to cannabis, but it is only at first glance. I re-tightened, and then a sense of awareness itself has changed a lot, and it is extremely difficult to say how. At first I felt as if my body is completely flat, as if flattened, and the feeling was and awesome and frightening. Then suddenly, in obedience to some children's fears, I knocked out of the tube remaining leaves and hid it, as if afraid that now I'll be caught for this impermissible exercise. I wanted to go down to Vica and tell them what I had just experienced, but then decided to stay and ride the waves of this strange surf. I stumbled trudged back to the bedroom and extinguished the candle, and then I went to my bathroom to shake out the ashtray. How stupid we move on his feet! Is not it easier to just slide? I felt my legs in the form of angles. At that amazing moment I realized that I could manage trippy, and my anxiety was gone, leaving me the freedom to explore this dimension unexpectedly opened. I left the wide bathroom and sat down on my bed.

Soon, it seemed to me that my I - it's not the mind or the body, and the fullness of my being in the fabric of the universe, and this tissue is compressed like an accordion. This fluting usually invisible, as it is three-dimensional objects on stereoscopic pictures - until sfokusiruesh eyes in a special way, they are not visible. My angular, like an accordion being in the fabric of the universe was like a giant sawtooth wave or zigzag.

I was reminded of a sawtooth twists I've seen in the great work of the Indians Huichol peyote. I imagined them flowing like a liquid, with smoothed corners, but these were both angular in structure and in the rhythmic movements. I also thought that the sound that it produces a sawtooth wave - "buzz", and the same term means "coming." I began to realize that all this is pretty funny that Salvia has shared with me the secret of his incredible strength, and I felt the familiar glee I experienced many years ago, raiding other psychedelic territory.

I soon scored again up some Salvia and inhaled deeply, and while I was delayed, I felt as if I was standing alone at his back, watching some kind of play or a moving picture, a part of which I am a member. Or rather all of this looks like a cartoon scene kept me and the other me. When I smoked, I thought I clearly felt in the mouth and in the branched structure of the lungs, the particles burning plants, and I intuitively felt that it wants to be smoked, it spoke to me a clear voice or voices, comment on what I do, and all the scene as a whole. It was not the voice of a conventional internal dialogue in my head and I realized that the conversation with this voice - one way to get from the plant knowledge.

During the next part of this astonishing experiment, which followed immediately after the above adventures, I felt that I had a form that I would call a star, and it was for me a few symbolic value. I was a star, I radiate light.

I remember being aware of the great importance of dialogue with the plant, and I remember trying to ask questions, and when I was started to get the answer, came running into the room Victoria, complaining about the fact that the yard in winter, and I opened the small window (and I opened it in order to ventilate the room with smoke.) I was not able to adequately respond to it, and the effect of the plant, meanwhile weakened.

I'm going to continue to learn from Salvia, gently and slowly, talk to her and hear her voice, and benefit from the lessons. By the way, Salvia Extracts for all of this and subsequent experiments I bought from the online store, as does most of my friends.